We think big-picture about people and the planet. How does the work we do today mean better living tomorrow?

AT HOME. To do right by the people and places that are part of our success, we’ve made it a habit to give back. We support local and global organizations that share our passion for a healthy future, making a positive impact right now, and for generations to come.

AT SEA. All our fish oils are Friend of the Sea (FOS) Certified to guarantee that the fish we use come from healthy fisheries, and that they’re sourced in line with strict standards for fishing method, by-catch reduction, and social accountability.

ON SHORE. In California, our LEED Gold-certified headquarters helps minimize our impact on the earth, and provides a comfortable, healthy workplace for employees. Across the world, our plant in Arctic Norway is powered entirely by unused fats from the fish oil production process, a savings of resources in service to the planet.