Hyalogic is committed to the best natural ingredients. We do that by including our quality assurance services with each order we process- we call this our Hyalock Process. Hyalock assures that the products manufactured for customers and retail partners purchase are made with the best ingredients, in a clean environment and according to the FDA regulations.

Hyalogic has developed The Hyalock System to put a lock on Quality throughout the manufacturing and delivery process.

1-    We use Non-animal derived, vegan-friendly Hyaluronic Acid

2-    Each ingredient that is used in our products goes through a compatibility testing phase

3-    We also test each ingredient for preservative compatibility testing

4-    Our skin care and supplements are tested for quality control

5-    Each product is analyzed as a finished product.

We are diligent about delivering the best products to our worldwide audience by ensuring quality at every step. Quality products are safer for customers. A commitment to doing our part for the planet is also part of the Quality process. At Hyalogic, the environment should not suffer to get a product to market. We listen to our partners and our customers. Product development is in direct response to what our customers want and need.