We recognize the impact our footprint has on the entire community of the world – animals included. In response, we source materials from ethical suppliers, work to minimize the presence of harmful chemicals in our plastics and other materials, and encourage our consumers to recycle our containers once empty. We are currently working on a “return your bottle” campaign, where consumers can return bottles and scoops for points, redeemable for product and other Vibrant Health gear. (These details may change. Stay tuned for this opportunity in 2019!) We understand the magnitude of the pollution problem and how it effects the animals on our planet. On a more local level, our Kind Committee (focused on community outreach) will take on an initiative early in 2019 to collect items for a local animal shelter. As part of that initiative, we will donate products from our pet line, which are designed to help mature pets with digestion, urinary tract, and joint health. By doing our part, however small it may seem, can have a global impact.