The entire SierraSil team is deeply committed to ensuring the health and welfare of not only people, but also the planet. Since SierraSil originates from a pristine hydrothermal mineral deposit in the US Sierra Mountains, we know and thoroughly appreciate the healing qualities gifted to us by the planet.


The primary ingredient of our all-natural joint health supplement, SierraSil, was discovered by a gold prospector many years ago who observed wild animals grazing on the deposit. The pure, natural mineral complex had its origins in volcanic rock that was geothermically altered about 10 million years ago.


This unique mineralogy cannot be recreated in a lab. SierraSil is 100% natural and does not use any pesticides or agricultural contaminates. We stay true to origins from the pristine Sierra Mountains through our rigorous investment and commitment in being an all-natural and ethically sourced joint health supplement.