We are a very recycling-focused team: the facilities at headquarters in Shelton, CT utilizes a recycled water system; we collect the team’s empty containers for reuse as planters and other fun projects; and we are careful to recycle paper and plastics. In addition, Vibrant Health encourages carpooling to headquarters, incentivizing by reimbursing gas money at a rate depending on the number of commuters involved. At this point, more than half of the employees participate in the carpool incentive program. While all of our team members are involved in keeping our company green-conscious, our Green Team leads the charge by meeting regularly to address ways we can be a more environmentally and globally conscious company—from reusable k-cups and ethically sourced coffee, to monitoring our paper use and starting a community vegetable garden. We think it’s important to stay focused on these issues in every aspect of the work we do.