Vitanica cares.  We care about people and our planet.  A few of the organizations we support towards this effort in North America: Cabbage Lane Land Trust; Willamette River Keepers; Forest Park Conservancy.  In our offices and warehouse, we take great care to utilize green materials to ensure clean and happy work environments for our people.  We use plants and ‘clean’ products for cleaning to minimize the toxic load.  Full spectrum lightbulbs are used in the offices.  Recycling is very much in force throughout our building, with recycling stations in every office and the common areas as well as the warehouse and packing room, where boxes are reused as much as possible and non-bleached paper is the main packing fill.  Plastic for packing is very minimal and used only when needed for the glass bottles; no styrofoam is used at Vitanica.  Our encapsulated bottles are BPA-free plastic and recyclable