Vibrant Health is founded on the concept that food is medicine. Every complex superfood we bring to market, whether in powder, capsule, or tablet form, begins with one question: what’s the most natural, potent and pure source of the needed ingredients? In addition, the closer an ingredient is to its food origin, the more the body will be able to synthesize the nutrients contained within, increasing nutrient density and bioavailability. We use food for ingredients, unless our formulator determines that a component is necessary for maximum effectiveness. We are able to keep tight control on the quality of each ingredient as the source of every ingredient in our products is managed in-house and then delivered to our bottling manufacturer.  Mark Timon, M.S. in Clinical Nutrition, founded Vibrant Health in 1992 as a result of his dedication to and respect for the end consumer. Vibrant Health today holds true to Mark’s original vision as a company with strong guiding principles. His product formulations are based on rigorous research and study, and they are known for their balance and efficacy.