We believe it takes a daily commitment to protect our employees, our business partners, and our natural resources. We strive for a positive working and social environment. How we make our products, run our business ethically and financially; and live our daily lives, says a lot about our company. We don’t take social responsibility lightly. We are in an industry which built its foundation on utilizing natural resources to promote healthy living. As a manufacturer in the natural products industry, we sell dietary supplements, personal care, and animal care products to distributors, retail stores and end consumers – all with that same passion for healthy living and taking part in making the world a better place to live.

To this end, we work with our national retail partner Sprouts, to participate in a campaign to raise money and awareness for Vitamin Angels. Vitamin Angels work to stop malnutrition by providing vitamins to children and women worldwide.

In August, a portion of the sales at Sprouts of  Synthovial 7 and Pure HA is donated to support the efforts of Vitamin Angels.