Beekeeper’s Naturals is a nutraceutical company grounded in a bee-driven cause. We’re obsessed with creating sustainably sourced, and innovative products derived straight from hive superfoods. Our company’s mission is to raise awareness and funding that safeguards the future of the bees, while engineering top of the line solutions to modern health problems.

From all natural immune boosters to medicinal honeys to plant based nootropics, we create supplements and superfoods that work.

Like all great origin stories, there’s gelato involved! Naturally, on Carly’s (our founder) gelato-fueled college semester abroad she developed a nasty bout of tonsilitis that made even breathing a challenge. To make matters worse, Carly has an autoimmune condition that causes her body to reject antibiotics, among other things. So any quick fix for her malady was totally out of the question and Carly would have to return home to Canada to have surgery. In a somewhat desperate move to stay amongst the Italians, she popped into a pharmacy. And with one glance at her swollen, chipmunk cheeks, the pharmacist handed her a bottle of propolis—a bee-powered ingredient that turned out to be the antidote to her weak immune that she’d been craving all my life.  Fast forward a few years and propolis is a staple in Carly’s health routine and the product we built Beekeeper’s Naturals around.


Natural Products

At Beekeeper’s Naturals we love science – we use science to formulate and test our products obsessively. But we also think Mother Nature is pretty incredible. Bees are nature’s consummate workers and the ultimate team players.

Our line of game-changing products are naturally sourced and obsessively tested and harness the power of the superfoods from the hive. We are beekeepers and work with small scale and sustainable partners in remote locations across North America far from pesticides who put the bees first!

Our entire product line is paleo certified and we are disrupting the natural market by rolling out the highest quality medicinal honeys, immune boosting propolis sprays, royal jelly nootropics and more. Each product is gluten-free, non-dairy, and free of refined sugar.


Social Responsibility

Beekeeper’s Naturals is committed to using our company as a platform to raise awareness and funding for the bee cause and to promote sustainable practices and pesticide-free beekeeping. The bees were, and remain, in danger, so saving these extraordinary creatures and their habitats is a non-negotiable element of our business plan.

Educating and awareness are critically important to our mission to save the bees. Through a variety of initiatives such as hosting local workshops, visiting schools, speaking on podcasts and at events, Beekeeper’s Naturals educates the community on the environmental importance of bees and provides them with concrete actions they can take in their daily lives to help the cause.

We have partnered with both the Canadian Bee Research Fund and UC Davis Bee Research Facility to support research on a diverse array of bee-related topics paving the way to improve the health and future of honeybees. In addition, a portion of the earnings from our BKN swag, including our shirts and hats (“Don’t hate, pollinate.”) go straight towards making sure the bees continue to buzz for years to come.


Animal Welfare

We put the bees first in everything we do. We practice sustainable beekeeping and ensure that our bees forage far away from pesticide covered areas. We work with apiaries across North America that meet our standards of sustainability and quality. As the company grows, we continue our hunt for clean apiaries and regions across the globe. Our commitment is to deliver pure, clean and pesticide-free products made with love. Our mission is to make sure our bees are happy, healthy, and have access to plenty of clean food and forage. Happy bees make the best honey!


Kind to the Planet

Beekeeper’s Naturals is changing the bee product game: We put our bees first, never over-harvest, keep our bees far away from pesticides and care for them with a whole lotta love!. We respect our planet and we are dedicated to bringing naturally-sourced, obsessively tested superfoods with non-GMO, raw sugar and gluten free products.