Founded in 1986 by John Harrison, Ecotrend Ecologics is a socially and environmentally responsible distributor of quality natural products. Based in and focused on a Canadian market with a small but growing presence in the USA, Ecotrend currently employs 52 staff members across North America. Across Canada, Ecotrend’s two divisions distribute a catalogue of more than 2000 products—including supplements, natural skin and hair care, water filtration products, organic pain relief, all-natural foodstuffs, and much, much more—to natural health retailers and alternative health care practitioners.

Kind To The Planet

In a life full of passions, one of my greatest is for wild places.

As a young man, I vividly remember marvelling at the incredible sights below as I flew high overhead in a jet. The blue sky was so clear, and all of nature’s colours were so bright. But as the years have passed, I’ve noticed a change to that wilderness; indeed, to the planet as a whole. The world has grown duller.

I believe recent generations have an entirely different baseline from which they view this amazing planet. What is ‘normal’ now—our soil, air, and water contaminated by industry in pursuit of profit—is not my normal. It’s not the way it was, or the way it should be. Progress never needs to come at the expense of our planet. My many years of commitment to those who advocate for and actively pursue a cleaner future stems from my love of those precious wild places.

The companies featured on this site are doing their part to heal our planet. Read about them, learn from them, and be inspired to do the same.

Ecotrend Ecologics proudly accepts the responsibility to save our environment.

  • By reducing emissions annually since 2011, our corporate office attained full carbon neutrality with Climate Smart.
  • We support glean, clean energy from renewable resources with Bullfrog Power
  • Our key goal for 2018 is to become B Corp Certified

We make conscious choices to:

  • Use sugar paper in our corporate offices instead of tree paper
  • Use starch popcorn in our warehouse instead of petroleum products
  • Use cloth towels and hand dryers in our corporate offices instead of paper towels
  • Minimize waste and recycle wherever possible

Animal Welfare

Animal welfare of any kind is directly tied to human actions. We hold unprecedented power over animal habitats, which are core to every species’ wellbeing. Understanding, compassion, and the preservation of space for all the creatures, both wild and domestic, that we share our planet with is as important as recognizing the value and joy they bring to our lives.
From domestic animal shelters to wild habitat restoration and preservation on land and in the ocean both, our suppliers go beyond what’s expected to do what is right.

Ecotrend Ecologics believes in the ethical treatment of animals.

We protect and conserve our wildlife through:


Social Responsibility

Helping those in need is one of life’s most fulfilling experiences. It doesn’t matter if it’s an act as simple as a few kind words or a hug, or as complicated as sponsoring a foster child overseas or a community project to provide housing for the homeless. To help others is to be the best of being human.

Many of us live our lives at a pace that sadly leaves others behind. It’s our responsibility to pause, to step back, and to make a difference.

Here are some ways our business partners are doing just that.

Ecotrend Ecologics makes a difference in our world.