Founded in 2003 in Vancouver, Canada, SierraSil Health Inc. has a deep pedigree and commitment to helping people live healthier and more active lives. We are guided by our key principles of being ethical, being understated, valuing our business partners, and embracing the challenge to help people be healthier and more active.

SierraSil is a highly effective natural mineral complex that is clinically proven to support joint health and mobility. The pure and unique mineralogy of SierraSil cannot be recreated in a lab, tracing its origins to a volcanic rock that was geothermically altered about 10 million years ago. SierraSil has been rigorously tested, including double blind, placebo controlled trials for safety and efficacy.

Clinical studies show that SierraSil consistently provides relief from aches and stiffness, as well as cleansing the body of toxins. The scientific support of these clinical studies and research, enables us to drive forward with our vision to help one million or more people be healthier and more active.

The combination of published clinical human trials and mechanisms of action research has earned SierraSil two US patents as a nutritional supplement for osteoarthritis. This research highlights the safety and efficacy of SierraSil, and demonstrates the mechanism of action and fast results for most consumers.

The consistent outcome of the lab, in vitro and human clinical trials are that SierraSil is a safe and effective way to support joint health and function. SierraSil is vegetarian-, vegan-, and celiac-friendly and is suitable for most dietary needs, including those of athletes.

Our commitment to improving the lives of people everywhere, extends to our deep attention to providing exceptional customer service, being ethical in all relationships, and in supporting all health claims with real science.

Most consumers feel a noticeable improvement in their joint discomfort levels and flexibility within 14 days. In fact, we offer our customers a 60 day money back guarantee, if they are not fully satisfied with how SierraSil has impacted their joint health and flexibility.

The entire SierraSil team is committed to supporting our customers in their health and active lifestyle goals. From playing more games of tennis to getting out for a daily walk around-the-block to being able to play with the grandkids – we want people to enjoy all that life has to offer.