Gabe Maya, his wife Nathalie, his brother Felipe, and a group of friends and advisors started Zue Beauty in 2013. Zue Beauty brings a new concept to the world of natural beauty. Why? Because we are changing the way natural cosmetics are conceived. We are committed to offering the best natural cosmetics on the market while positively affecting all people involved in the process of making them. We call it the Cycle of Zue, a sustainable management strategy to generate social and environmental impacts in three distinct aspects: the farmers we work with, our products and giving back.

To begin, we wanted to give back to the nearby community, so we looked to employ those struggling – whether they were single mothers trying to raise a family all on their own or farmers whose revenue source was illegally growing coca crops for drug lords. Through Fair Trade practices, we have helped many single mothers by training them on cosmetic manufacturing. Through crop substitution and paying higher than Fair Trade prices, we have helped these farmers end the drug cycle and instead harvest quinoa, the main active ingredient in our products. Altogether, our hiring and employment practices have benefited nearly 1,130 families.

After seeing these great results and the impact we made on our community and farmers, we knew we could do even more to benefit the world. Therefore, we created the Give Back Program – a project initiated to support, benefit, and inspire the community while bringing together those who work to change the world for the better. We partner with local social and environmental organizations which our customers can also support directly through our website. Just entering the donation code that comes with every Zue product; then selecting one of the causes we have pledged to support. When we reach the goal for that cause, the Zue team will carry out the mission and send out a video so everyone can actually see how their participation benefited the organization they supported through our website.

Under these brand values, we developed the first complete natural facial care line based on quinoa.

Quinoa is not only a superfood but also has amazing skin care properties: Quinoa nutrients can potentially boost collagen synthesis, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and improve skin’s elasticity and texture.  It also helps hydrate and brighten the skin, and give it a more even tone. Quinoa is overall a gentle ingredient, so it could be used on any skin type.

Thanks to our efforts to help the community and the environment, we obtained the B Corp certification – an accreditation given by the nonprofit B Lab to for-profit companies that meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency ( Then, we obtained certifications of vegan and cruelty-free through PETA.

Our products are also gluten-free and non-GMO and they are manufactured In the US in FDA approved facilities under the strictest quality control conditions. In addition, they are manufactured under the principle of aromatherapy; the intensity in each product is specifically intended to deliver the aromatherapy benefits and sensations.

Today, we continue to develop natural products for body care, expecting to motivate people towards a culture of conscious consumerism.

GiveBack Program: Beauty with a cause.

A portion of every Zue Beauty sale goes toward important social, environmental and animal causes. Use the GiveBack Code found on the back of each product to vote for the cause you’d like to support.